Open Letter To The President.

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Your Excellency,
Dr. Good Ebele Jonathan,
The President,
Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces,
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Executive Governor of Abia State
Chief Theodore Ahamefule Orji



We are a Christian association duly registered with the main purpose of Evangelizing Ngwaland and beyond with the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The objectives of this Association can only prosper and succeed in an atmosphere where peace and social interactions prevail. Unfortunately these have eluded the hitherto peaceful and hardworking people of Isiala Ngwa North; Isiala Ngwa South; Obingwa; Ugwunagbo; Osisioma Ngwa; Aba North; Aba South; Ukwa East; and Ukwa West Local Government Areas in Abia State.

First, we appreciate and acknowledge the efforts your administration is making towards ensuring peace, safety for lives and properties in the land. However, “in a time like this” when the totality of our voice should be singing and working towards peaceful election, the opposite is the case.

Our interest and subsequent intervention therefore at this stage is predicated on the fact that the social platform mentioned above upon which our Association operates have been under serious threat recently, principally by the menace called, kidnapping with its attendant vices in the area.

We respectfully wish to formally draw your Excellency’s attention to the worrisome dimension, kidnapping and armed robbery has assumed in Ngwaland, Abia State. The situation is so bad and critical that markets and other forms of commercial and social activities which the area (Aba) is known for has almost gone into extinction. Schools and hospital have since closed down, since nobody is spared by the robbers and kidnappers, this very sad. The crime has assumed alarming proportion that most residents in towns, villages, communities and local governments in Ngwaland have fled for safety.

A couple of weeks ago, the global attention was drawn to this part of the region due to the senseless kidnapping of four journalists probably because they were not Ngwa indigenes. We are now bothered because series of kidnapping had taken place before the incident that involved the journalists and not much was done compared to the pragmatism with which the Federal Government mobilized the armed forces to secure the release of the journalists.

Naturally, we had hoped that reprieve was insight; little did we know that Ngwaland was going to be plunged into deeper trouble.

We have also resisted the temptation of believing that the huge presence of the Federal Government then was attracted simply due to the caliber of personalities involved in the said kidnapping under reference (journalists).

We are alarmed at the recent and continued harassment of children, women and men and mindless raping of women and outright kidnapping of our aged people who are kept for days and weeks without food and water. Release of victims of this malady is secured only when huge sums of money would have been paid as ransom otherwise their wicked captors do not hesitate to maim or kill them. Kidnappers and criminals brandish sophisticated guns in broad day light as if they are at war and shoot at any person that appears to be on their way. Innocent lives are lost and residents are helpless. Some traditional rulers have been victims and have described their domains for safe haven.

The situation which was continued unabated tends to give credence and justification to our earlier jettisoned opinion that both the Federal and State Governments deliberately chose to abandon Ngwa people to their fate even when they are needed most.

Unless otherwise stated, we know that one of the cardinal duties of any government is to protect the lives and property of its citizenry. We, at this juncture, are asking, why is the situation in Ngwaland and her people different? Secondly, are Ngwa people no longer Nigerians and within the areas of influence and jurisdiction of the state and Federal Government of Nigeria to warrant this rejection, neglect and abandonment in a country we all call our own? Is it true that the armed forces cannot help in a situation where we have found out that the police are helpless?

We do not want to accuse the government of running an exclusionist policy, otherwise, how would one justify the exclusion of Abia State from benefiting in the Federal Government Amnesty programme for Niger Delta Region.

We want to remind the present government that “What is good for the goose is also good for the gander”. Our youths deserve a good deal in a country where we are committed in every facet of its development.

1.            Bring the issue of kidnapping, raping and killing in Ngwaland to an end now.
2.            Let Ngwa people of Abia State enjoy the benefits of Amnesty programmes.
3.            Empower our youths to stem the tide of the incessant kidnapping and armed robbery in Ngwaland, Abia State.
4.            Re-enact the measures that were employed when the four journalists were kidnapped to end the menace.
5.            Create a more enabling environment for investors, both foreign and local in Aba in particular which used to be the hop-nob of comme4rcial activities in the South-East and its environs.



Deacon Steve Eguzo                                       Deacon Hyacinth Onwukwe                        Evang. Chris Ndubuisi-Samuel
National President, ANCA                            National Secretary, ANCA                            National Publicity Secretary, ANCA

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